sigrid-lindemannI practice classical homeopathy according to the method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran since 1998! Since 2004 I teach the Sensationmethod through 3day seminars with videocases and an holistic approach in Germany. Til date I continue training with Dr. Sankaran and Dr. Jayesh Shah. I am trained in energywork, healing, therapy, hypnotherapy and transpersonal regression therapy.

I am member of WISH – the international group of teachers of the Sensation Method. I teach in english and german, with videocases in both languages, transcripts are provided.

2014  I presented a new videoseminar “Mammals – tracing Evolution” , as well as an intensive training in Sensation Method with a series of six 3day seminars in Saarbrücken and Leipzig.

Have a look at my seminarflyer 2015,  my new seminar is “Shock and Trauma – plants and more” as well as the continuation of intensive trainings in Sensation Method in Saarbrücken and Leipzig.

The “6-day Barcelona Intensives”  “Deep case taking”, “Birth”  “Children!” and 2015 “Psychiatry and Homeopathy” deepen understanding with videocases, background info and experiential learning, accredited by the German Medical Council.

I part of an international collaboration of therapists in Auroville, giving workshops and retreats, f.ex.  “Parents-to-be” , Natural Fertility with alternative therapies with Auroville Retreat   and “Holistic”. More……

If you would like to get an impression of my seminars, watch a few minutes of the videos taken during my seminar October 09 and May 2010 in Bremen, for example on “The intention of the homoeopath” or on casetaking technique or subgroup insects. (in German only)

I continually publish case studies in “Spectrum” and “Homeopathic Links”  , international magazines for professionals, since several years.

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In Auroville, I set up my homeopathic Clinic Integral Health, receiving patients from all over the world. We are a team of 4 homoeopaths, a midwife, a psychiatric nurse, a hypnotherapist and a healer,  and volunteers. We practice in English, German, French, Portugese, Italian and Tamil language.

I provide each patient with general information on the “Sankaran approach” in homeopathy and the course of treatment by means of a simple informative flyer, which you are welcome to download.

The Clinic Integral Health provides further services – like supervision (by skype or email), internships, a First Aid Kit, info sessions on new developments in the field of homeopathy. Under “Research” you will find pages regarding “provings and triturations” which we have conducted, and “new remedies” produced and distributed here.

I have trained and certified in hypnotherapy with CHII  and transpersonal regression therapy with Tasso in the last 5  years.         In Auroville I offer now workshops on Natural Fertility, together with my colleagues, the midwife from Holland, Aviva- Method trainers, NLP, Yoga, and regressiontherapy , through Auroville Retreat.

I have started to work with PC remedies, after Harry van der Zee, editor of “Homeopathic Links” gave us a training in January 2013. The results in adressing diabetes, high bloodpressure, lyme disease and other issues are impressive. Documentation is ongoing. Info on

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I live in Auroville, an international community in South India. You are welcome to have a look at !

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